Warderlocking Tank

Location: Wagin

Client: Water Corporation

Contract value: $ 4 million

Scope (main elements only): 

  • Earthworks to upgrade the embankments of the Tank (Construct only);
  • New steel roof for the tank including footings, columns and drainage (Construct only);
  • New DN150 MSCL inlet to the tank, including electric actuated control valve, new DN100 magflow meter and DN150 aeration manifold (inside the tank) (Construct only);
  • Relining of the tank floor and relining of the existing tank inlet and outlet mains (Design and Construct);
  • New DN250 magflow meter on the existing DN460 MSCL main (Construct only);
  • New DN500 MSCL main inside the tank site (Construct only);
  • New additional chlorination system for the tank inlet (Design and Construct);
  • New cathodic protection (CP) for the DN500 MSCL pipeline (Design and Construct);
  • Disinfecting approximately 10.9 km DN500 MSCL pipeline that will bypass the town of Wagin to allow the tank and existing DN300 water main to be dedicated to the town supply.

VDE’s responsibility:

  • Work planning including work methods, lifting plans, shutdown plans, pipe disinfection and disposal plan
  • Transporting
  • Survey and shop detailing.
  • Supply, fabricate and install structural steel works (such as rafters, purlins, bridging, etc.)
  • All earthworks and pipe laying including compaction in layers prior to backfilling
  • Supply and install new spools and pipeworks
  • Supply and install of all internal FRP items
  • Pressure testing, pipe disinfection and flushing
  • Concrete and civil works such as cutting and pouring concrete for the footings, ring beam and overflow structure
  • Lining of the existing floor of the reservoir
  • Upgrades of the existing Chlorine building including designing of the new switchboard and SCADA works
  • Supply and installation of new fence line

Posted on Sep 03, 2018