RGP Chute works

Client: Monaldelphous

Contract value: $2 million

As one of Monaldelpheous’ trusted fabricators, V&D was contracted to supply in excess of 500 tons of plate work during the construction of major mine upgrades in recent years.


  •  Supply, fabricate, surface treatment, liner installation and complete assembly of Head and transfer chutes for the iron ore resource sector in the north west of western australia.

VDE’s responsibility:

  • Procurement and processing of all materials, both ferrous and non ferrous.
  • Workshop assembly and welding fabrication.
  • QA requirements consisting of fully comprehensive MDR's with complete material and weld trace ability.
  • Arrange regular client inspections.
  • Trial assemble post welding of all chute sections.
  • 3rd party surveys of all chutes to ensure 2mm tolerance post weld.
  • Transport to client surface treatment.
  • Final assembly of all chute sections.
  • Liner installation.

Posted on Feb 10, 2017