Steel is one of the most widely used materials in construction; famous for its strength, versatility, quality and value; however, it simply wouldn’t be possible to enjoy those many benefits of steel without the work of our highly experienced workshop fabricators.

Our tradespeople use a variety of techniques and high quality fabrication equipment to transform basic sections of manufactured steel into predefined structures that are ready to erect and install. Here at V&D we specialize in fabrication of not just ferrous metals, but exotic and non ferrous materials too. working from 3 equipped workshops no job is too big or small.

We have 3 workshops and our main workshop is located in Barberry Way Bibra Lake . It consists of 1000 m²  fabrication area, 1500m² assembly yard, 2 x 6.3T overhead cranes;7.5m under hook. This workshop caters for all ferrous fabrication and maintenance purposes.

Our non Ferrous workshop is situated in Quarimor Rd Bibra Lake. It consists of 400m² fabrication area, 1000m² assembly yard, 1 x 5T overhead crane; 4m under hook. This workshop caters for all exotic and non ferrous fabrication.

Also, our northwest workshop and depot, located in Seabrook Crescent Karratha Light Industrial Area. It consists of a 400m² fabrication workshop, 2500m² assembly yard and 1 x 8T mobile crane. This workshop caters for all maintenance and fabrication works and is supported by the two Bibra Lake fabrication facilities.